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The book series "The Adventures of Luzi Cane"

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A very enjoyable read

Reviews Posted on 06 May, 2019 07:37:09

Rider of the Crimson Dragon: Luzi’s adventure is a very enjoyable read and I can recommend it. I only hope that there is some kind of continuation, because the characters are waiting.
  – Niru Pama


Reviews Posted on 06 May, 2019 07:36:06

Rider of the Crimson Dragon: It is an amazing book, full of knowledge of a person who reached enlightenment. It helped me to simplify and reinforce my connection to the invisible ones. And it is a story full of love to all that exists. I will certainly read the next books of this series!
  – Fatima Santos

I loved the book

Reviews Posted on 06 May, 2019 07:35:10

I loved the book about the White Dragon so much, just ordered the Crimson Dragon, such a special writing-skill being performed by the author!
  – Cora Schwindt

Love this book!

Reviews Posted on 06 May, 2019 07:34:04

The Soul of the White dragon: It opened me to exploring more than this 3D reality. I have had so many personal adventures since reading. Even met Quan Yin! Absolutely magical, enchanting and inspiring! Thank you Eriqa Queen!
  – Sheri Reece

Master Story Teller

Reviews Posted on 20 Feb, 2019 10:55:42

I just finished reading the Kindle version of The Adventures of Luzi Cane, Book 2. The author is indeed a master story teller! While including delightful experiences and awareness of elves and dragons, she weaves in incredible wisdom, clarity, and light about our journey to remember who we are and why we’re here.
 I absolutely love the development of the characters in the story. Luzi and her daughter Julia (even before her birth) are so real and vibrant and full of wonderful wisdom and love!!
 I am an avid reader, and when I wake up the day after finishing a book, wondering what the characters are up to today, I know the book is an extraordinary creation!!
 If you ever find yourself wondering about the “big” questions about how to realize who you are and how to experience your life to the fullest, I heartedly recommend reading The Adventures of Luzi!!
  – Patricia M. Severance, January 30, 2019, Amazon – Kindle Edition.5 of 5


Reviews Posted on 04 Apr, 2018 07:54:24

The Soul of the White Dragon is a vividly penned novel where the physical and the non-physical dimensions flow into one another as the protagonist explores new terrains in her life and also the edges of her consciousness. Through Luzi, we get to experience what everyday life in the midst of spiritual awakening looks and feels like. As Luzi becomes more familiar with her inner wisdom – often through the guidance of the white dragon and other etheric beings – her life transforms, reflecting her inner landscape. We get to see the joy that lies beyond a mentally constructed world: Another world, where imagination, magic, sensuality, and miracles are as natural as nature itself. A beautiful tale of dragons, elves and curious humans, especially recommended for anyone who’s into spiritual awakening.

Kim Seppälä, writer and consciousness explorer.