Clarity of the Crystal Dragon – The fifth title in the series

Part of the artwork for wrap-around cover.

Luzi sits in cafe Caio! in London waiting for her friend Cassandra. Julia is her baby daughter appearing to her as a young woman. Claire is the Crystal Dragon:

A man sits At the table next to mine, and he starts an conversation. “Are you waiting for someone too?”

“Yes, I’m waiting for a friend of mine.”

“A boyfriend perhaps?”

The situation feels a little awkward, and I can see Julia in her adult body takes a seat so she can see both of us. She only appears to me. While she puts one leg across the other I sense her comment. “This could be interesting!”

I put as little interest in my voice as I can as I answer him. “No, she has been my best friend for many years.”

“It’s good to have best friends. I’m waiting for my lady friend. A man should have a lady friend, right?”

I turn to Julia. “What can I say. It’s so weird?”

Julia’s words comes out of my mouth. “Are you sure, you’re a man?”

Remind me, NEVER to ask Julia for help in a conversation again!

He raise his body half from the chair, and for a moment I was afraid he would attack me. Then he smiles. “Oh, look at this body, missy. How can you be in doubt?”

He sits down again. I am sure, pretty proud of his stature.

Now I sense the mountain pass with the gate and I hear Claire’s strong voice echoing between the mountains as she laughs. “So because you experience life while having a male body, you think you’re a male. If you had a female body, you would see yourself as female, not as YOU.”

There is a small pause before Claire continues. “Interesting. It would be equal to when you sit in your Volkswagen, and you see yourself as a Volkswagen!”

Another loud roar of laughter from Claire. Now I realise, I had just said the words out loud. Luckily without the laughing, but anyway! It is a little strange, because I feel OK, and simply wait to see what the reaction will be. So will Julia and of cause, Claire.

Much to my surprise, the whole thing seems to go way over the man’s head. Obvious because of his answer. “How did you know, I drive a Volkswagen?”

This comment completely confuses me, and Julia laughs as loud as Claire!

“Because you have a VW key ring hanging out of your pocket. You should be more careful not to lose it!”

“Oh, thanks babe. You’re very observant!”

This one I want to answer for myself. “I write detective novels for a living, so it’s an occupational habit!”

Julia and Claire laughs even louder than before, if it is even possible.

The man’s eyes widens. “That is most interesting!”

A woman has just entered and has a reaction, when she spotted the VW driver. She comes over and puts a hand on his shoulder. “Can we sit at the window? It’s so dark in here.”