The book, “Writing into the Dark†by Dean Wesley Smith, had inspired me to write down my way of writing.

To start a project

I usually start out with an idea, a working title. This idea has an etheric, but dormant counterpart. As I start to put words, usually the title, to my manuscript, the idea becomes active. This creates a sparkle of consciousness in the imaginative realm. This is actually how all creations starts.

I may use some time trying out different fonts that might suit the title. In this way, I softly blow to the amber, being the sparkle of consciousness, and other ideas are being attracted to the sparkle from the vast soup of possibilities.

This is an intuitive, non-mental way of writing. My mind does not create the story and are often surprised, even perplexed about what is being put into the manuscript.

The sparkle becomes a light while more ideas are drawn into it. Characters emerge with their own personalities and especially the first contact are very special. Again, it is not a mind thing, but a heart thing. I connect and feel the character. Sometimes I know (like in knowingness which again isn’t a mind thing), that the character is there, but it takes some time or the right conditions on the plot, before the character open up and join the plot. It is quite fascinating.

My way of writing

Imagine a dead tree trunk without branches lying on the forest floor. It has two ends, but let one of them being a start. When I write something, anywhere in the story, it’s like planting a flower seat somewhere on this tree trunk. I don’t know exactly where I plant it, and it might be moved to a different location later on.

I make chapters or headlines and sub-headlines along the way and everything can be moved or changed. I make extensive use of colour markings for different purposes.

If I am somewhere in the story that doesn’t seem to flow, it indicates, that I need to wait for the flow to this place or I could make another connection for a part that is ready to flow when I tap into it. You can imagine possibility bubbles coming floating towards the light. If they haven’t docked, they are not accessible.

I do a lot of research, including Google Earth, street view, 360-degree photos, videos, reviews and articles. I KNOW how the places looks like and views of non-accessible places are delivered from the ‘light’ with all human senses and more. The characters are known in the same way and with much more than there looks.

Some parts of a story have to be written my me, and I can clearly feel, when I, (and my mind) has to do the job ourselves; it’s a huge difference! There is usually no help to get…this is MY part, my responsibility.

The story is ready for proofreading when the light gives me the sense of it is ready.


I have not been writing for share entertainment (December 2018). I write to show people sides of life that they might not know. Make them see, that they are more than just a human (in a hamster wheel).

I want to tell people that there is more to their human lives, well, that there is even more than the life as a human. I use fiction and fantasy to do exactly that.

Writing style

I use present tense and mostly dialogs: “You’re pretty!†in contrast to: He said, that she was pretty.

My primary person (antagonist) is the first-person dialog, and I do not switch into other characters minds and feelings, they must show themselves through actions. This way, even my descriptions are presented in present tense in ‘dialog’ with the reader. In a sense, the reader and the ‘writer’ experience the story together. In a sense, the ‘writer’ does not know more than the reader.

I let my characters SHOW (by speech and actions) what they are instead of me DESCRIBING them (writing so and so).

I use all human senses in my descriptions when it fits in.

– EQ