The Secret of the Crimson Dragon
is the second title in the series and still in the works.
As the text is in the works so is the cover, but you can see the latest sketch here ↑.

The back cover text (so far): When the Christ Consciousness was being prepared around 600 BC, a celestial order of teachers and supporters named The Crimson Council was formed. In parallel a human group got together on Earth and the colour, crimson, was used to identify individuals in the Crimson Circle. Over the years, the collective consciousness of this group has become an entity of its own and you could perceive it as a crimson dragon named Shaumbra!

Luzi, working with two students on a project to discover true historical events, encounter this crimson dragon. It turns out that Shaumbra has quite a personality and together with the white dragon, Loong, the Elven woman, Josela and many others, they gain information about the past as well as the future. What they find is not common accepted, but it fits with hidden and even not so hidden knowledge dismissed by the established historical society.